About Jim Moss, Sr.

                            Jim is an experienced seminar leader and church
                            consultant. He has conducted hundreds of seminars
                            with thousands of participants over the past 25
                            years - in 20 denominations and 21 states.

                            As an independent consultant, Jim helps churches
                           and congregations across denominational lines deal
                           with critical issues including growth, ministry focus,
and Christian leadership. His practice focuses on three main areas:
counsel, seminars, and training.

Jim recently retired from the Eastern Conference of the Churches of
God where he worked since 1977. His most recent assignments included
responsibility for planting new churches, helping with renewal efforts,
and assisting congregations to develop plans.  Prior to that he served
as a parish pastor for eighteen years in Ohio and Maryland.

Moss has participated in a plethora of continuing education events.
Several of the more significant events have included:  Time
Management and Organizational Planning; The Consulting Process;
Church Planting and Growth of Existing Congregations; Strategies for
Starting New Churches; Using Small Groups to Grow the Church.  In
addition Jim is a graduate of Winebrenner Theological Seminary, 1965;  
University of Findlay, 1962 both in Findlay, Ohio; and Frederick High
School, 1958 in Frederick, Md.  Jim is the son of the late Levi and Daisy
Moss who resided in Frederick Md.  He married Gwendolyn Deiss of
Greensburg, Ohio in 1959. The Moss's have five children.  

An acquaintance has described Jim’s work in this manner:  “One of Jim’
s strengths is his ability to speak the language of most folks in the
pew.  There are elements of relational witness in his training.  Jim has
made this his own unique understanding of how to preserve church
membership.  His has a scholarly, multi-disciplined understanding and
makes no apologies for a Biblical foundation.”
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