James W. Moss, Sr. has been working with churches for over 30
years as a pastor, conference administrator, and independent
consultant. As a consultant, Jim works across denominations to help
churches and congregations deal with a variety of critical issues.

His practice focuses on three areas:

Counsel:  Jim has worked in the Church as a parish pastor and
conference staff person all of his adult life.  His strength is finding
practical solutions to difficult problems.  He is able to provide
counsel and coaching for pastors on either a short-term or
longer-term basis.

Seminars:  Jim has put together a number of one day seminars that
will give practical insight on how to improve various aspects of your
churches life.

Training:  There are some longer periods of training that Jim can
provide.  The church has abandoned training in recent decades and
just assumes that people know what they are being asked to do.  
Ministry is changing rapidly.  Jim has made a serious effort to stay
current in his efforts to train.
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James W. Moss, Sr.
Church Consultant
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Ezekiel 34
I strive to read a chapter in the
Old Testament and a chapter in
the New Testament each day.  I
had been wading through
Ezekiel and came to chapter
34.  I have read it before but my
reaction was woweee!!!!  Let
me share some thoughts.

Online Surveys for Leaders
I've added 4 brief online surveys
to the website to help leaders
understand and diagnose some of
the most common issues facing
churches today.
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Jim has developed a number of
seminars over his years in
ministry and as a consultant. He
is currently available to deliver
the following seminars at your
church or organization:

  • Civil War Seminar
            Describes the reaction
and involvement of the
 Churches of God
             to the Civil War.

  • Does Your Church Really
    Care About People?

  • A Christian Perspective
    on Leadership Skills

  • Starting a New Worship

  • Stewardship and Debt

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