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Are you struggling with one of these questions?  We've created four brief
online questionnaires to help you dig a little deeper and get a better
handle on what's going on in each of these common scenarios.  Just click
on the link to access the questions. Your answers will go directly to Jim
Moss for review and his comments will come directly back to you as
indicated on the form. All information will be held in the strictest

Should I stay or move to another church? A pastor's decision to change
churches can be a difficult and emotional one.  Here are four questions
to help you through this thought process.

Is my Church in survival mode?  Once a church enters survival mode, it
can be extremely difficult to shift that mindset and restore the church to
vitality and growth. Here are five questions to help you determine if
your church has started down that slippery slope.

Is my Church saturated?  One of the biggest obstacles to keeping your
church alive and growing can be the limitations of the physical space you
occupy. Here are five questions to help you determine if your church is
reaching its saturation point.

Help me understand our Church’s spiritual health?  Staying healthy
requires regular health assessments. The same is true of organizations
like churches.  Here are five questions to help church leaders begin to
assess the spiritual health of their congregation.
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