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NEW Civil War Seminar
This seminar describes the reaction and involvement of the Churches of
God to the Civil War.  This perspective was described in the Church
Advocate.  The emphasis is on the role of the Church in the North to the
Civil War.  I believe that many other denominations were encountering
similar experiences.  The young men of these Churches were being
encouraged to enlist and fight.  It is not objective history.  It is what
was written at the time, or history without the varnish of revisionism.  
It is Christian, abolitionist, and pro-union.  The talk is supported by a
power-point presentation and lasts from 1-1.5 hours.

Emerging Stronger While Ministering in Difficult Time..
Thoughts will be shared that churches ought to consider while
ministering in these difficult economic times.  You will be challenged to
focus on Him who does not change and to stay focused on the major
issues...  In addition there is a one hour version for business as well.

People Spots:  Places of Belonging.  The key question is:  Does Your
Church Want to Grow People?  Deals specifically with 4 growth issues:
space in the sanctuary, number of small groups, number of people
required, and parking.  The seminar deals with much more.  Normally, a
one day seminar, pieces can be broken out for shorter periods.
Click to download a PDF of the People Spot Analysis Form

Does Your Church Really Care for People?  This seminar deals with a
ministry of affirmation, absentee care, welcoming atmosphere, and
prospecting.  Normally, this is a one day seminar, but there are shorter
versions available.

Churches Have Personalities.  Churches have distinctive
personalities. There are 5 key factors that shape the behavior of a
church.  They are:  spiritual maturity, size of worship, direction of the
flow, culture of the community, and personality of the pastor.  Weave
these 5 together and behavior of a church can begin to be predicted.  
This is a one day seminar.

A Christian Perspective on Leadership Skills.  A leader earns the
right to lead.  The seminar deals with qualities of a leader, reproducing
the leader, people skills, prioritizing, dealing with criticism, visioning,
building strategies, and a positive attitude.  This is a one day seminar
that can be done in shorter periods.

Planning for the Future. A process of planning for a local church that
takes from 8 months to a year.  It includes research, a large group
meeting to set priorities, writing of a plan, and training for

Beginning a New Service:  A Strategy of Evangelism.  The four
segments include a holistic look at your church, looking at the dynamics
of a new service, the strategy of implementation, and who will attend.  
This is either a one day seminar or can be done in 4 two hour segments.

Adding New People Spots.  This provides an understanding of small
group behavior and how to begin new small groups.  This is a 2 hour

Christian Stewardship and Debt Management.  This takes a look at
what the Bible has to say about money and how people have to manage
debt to experience true freedom in life.  This is typically a 2 hour

Looking for that Which Does Not Change.  This explores the issues
of change as well as changes happening in the church.  This is a two
hour seminar.

Coaching Techniques.  Coaching  is much more intentional than
mentoring and of a much shorter duration.  One day with shorter
versions available.

Escaping the Survival Syndrome.  This is a disease that attacks
churches.  It is terminal without intentional intervention.  This is a one
hour seminar.
Jim Moss portraying Church Advocate
newspaper editor E.H. Thomas at the
Eastern Regional Conference retreat in
January, 2011. Moss presented on the
newspaper's coverage of the Civil War.

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