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James W. Moss, Sr.
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As an independent consultant, Jim Moss, Sr. helps churches and
congregations across denominational lines deal with critical issues
including growth, ministry focus, and Christian leadership. His practice
focuses on three main areas: counsel, seminars, and training.

Counsel:  Jim provides counsel and coaching for pastors on either a
short-term or longer-term basis.

Seminars:  Jim has put together a number of one day seminars that will
give practical insight on how to improve various aspects of your church's

Training:  Often situations of significant change, whether in direction,
leadership, or ministry focus require longer periods of training that Jim
can provide. He has significant experience working through these issues
with pastors, staff, elders, and congregations.
"Jim's greatest strength is his
ability to put himself in the
shoes of a pastor or church
and bring to bear on that
situation a compassionate
understanding of the
situation; and then provide
helpful insights to promote
healing and renewal."
Dr. Jack Guyler
Sr. Pastor
Harmony Bethel Church

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contact Jim at:

717.514.0406 cell email

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