Jim Moss Receives Church Planting Award

                                                    At the 2011 Annual Conference of the Eastern
                                                    Regional Churches of God , Jim Moss was
                                                    presented with our first-ever "Apostle Paul  

                                                    Jim served for 31 years (from 1977 to 2008)
                                                    on the ERC staff, overseeing various
                                                    ministries including youth, Christian
                                                    education, church renewal, and church
planting.  Under his leadership, the ERC’s church planting initiatives demonstrated
some amazing results:

•        35 churches planted
•        24 still operating today  
•        In 2008: they had 2,253 people attending – thousands of lives
      transformed for Christ!  
•        From 2001 to 2008 (8 years) - these 24 churches gave
      an amazing $1.8 million in financial giving to the ERC and CGGC
•        In addition, one of these church plants had a special bequest
      of $940,000 given to the ERC/CGGC for ministry as well

Keep in mind, those financial figures are only for the last 8 years, not the prior 26

God has truly used Jim Moss to spearhead the multiplication of churches here in
the ERC, as well as nationally with the CGGC.  He has "fought the good fight" and
clearly kept the Spirit and mission of Jesus as his driving passion and force!

Way to go Jim!  Thanks for being faithful to the Gospel and the call of Christ to
"Go!", "Renew!", and "Plant!" wherever the Lord leads!  

You have indeed followed in the footsteps of Apostle Paul and left a great legacy
for the Lord.  

Excerpted from the Eastern Regional Conference Churches of God
Church Planting E-News, June 12,2011


Consulting and Coaching Services
Dr. Jack Guyler
Sr. Pastor Harmony Bethel Church
Member of the Eastern Regional Conference Commission on Renewal

Jim Moss, Sr. has a wealth of knowledge about the church and those who attend
churches with his vast experience of more than 40 years working with churches,
pastors, staff and lay-leaders.  He has been and still is highly respected in the
Churches of God, General Conference, for his immense work with our churches and
the teaching he has provided to them as a consultant.

On a personal note, I can tell you one of Jim's greatest strength is his ability to put
himself in the "shoes" of a pastor or church and bring to bear on that situation a
compassionate understanding of the situation; and then provide helpful insights to
promote healing and renewal.

Another strength Jim brings to bear in his work as a church consultant is his
willingness to listen and his commitment to grow as a person.  He is always trying
to learn and understand more effective ways to help the Church of Christ grow and
extend its reach into the culture.  I deeply appreciate the fact that he is not
satisfied to disperse "yesterday's news", but wants to give to church's cutting edge
ideas and thoughts that can empower them to be Kingdom contributors.

Most of all, I count Jim as a dear friend and colleague with whom I can share
comfortably with and also confide in about anything in my life.


Seminar on Starting a Second Worship Service:
George Jensen, Enola Church of God

In July, 2008 Pastor Jim Moss, Sr. came to the Enola First Church of God and
presented his "Starting a Second Worship Service" seminar.  We requested him to
come and train us after our leadership approved starting an early 8:00 am worship
service in addition to the already established 10:15 am worship service.

The seminar was helpful in that we were trained in several important areas. I will
condense those areas into two main areas.  One main area included how to recruit
leadership for the service (musicians, worship leaders, greeters, etc.).  At Jim's
recommendation, we held four "practice services" so that the leadership would
have the opportunity to learn how to lead prior to the inception of the new
service.  The other major area we learned about involved outreach into the
community.  We mailed out two 7,500-piece mailings into the community to
advertise the new service.  We also sent out four letters to 200 households who
have dropped out of our church in the last 5 to 10 years or who have become very
sporadic in their attendance over
the same time period.   

On November 2, 2008 we launched the early worship service.  Since then, we have
seen growth in our overall worship attendance.  To the best of my calculations,
about 50% of our growth has come from those who had dropped out of our church
or who had become sporadic in attendance in the last 5-10 years.  The other 50%
has come from totally new attendees.  Most of the latter 50% (totally new
attendees) are people who were unchurched but still considered themselves
Christians.  However, two persons from that latter 50% are new Christians and one
other person is a "seeker" who is considering becoming a believer.

Prior to the start of the second service, the Enola First Church of God was
averaging 164 persons per Sunday in one worship service in 2008.  Since the start
of the second service up until January 4, 2009, we have been averaging 201
persons in two worship services.  The attendance at each service has averaged as
follows:  8:00 am - 33 persons; 10:15 am - 168 persons.

I would highly recommend any church that is contemplating the start of a
second worship service to invite Jim Moss, Sr. to come and present "Starting a
Second Worship Service."
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